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Counseling clients in Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, and more Los Angeles neighborhoods. 

Something is Different...

Maybe your relationship isn't what it used to be or you are newly single.  Perhaps your job situation has changed or you suddenly have found yourself with new responsibilities in the home.  Or, it's trouble adjusting to parenthood, Los Angeles, or school.  Could be that your mood shifted and you are noticing you feel anxiety or depression.  It might be that what you have been doing to get yourself to this point just doesn't seem to be working anymore.  Whatever is different, you know it is something you want to change.


I am here to help.

About Me
Picture of Shana B. Diskant, LMFT

Shana B. Diskant, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #85875
Certified Brain Injury Specialist

About Me

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist providing psychotherapy to adults, teens, and couples.  My office is located in the 90039 zipcode.


Therapy to me is a place to understand why we are the way we are, why we do the things we do, and how we can become who we want to be. Whether your needs are coming to terms with the past, reinvigorating your present, or preparing for the future, I work to help you find your way. 


A misconception about treatment is that a therapist tells you what to do.  But therapy is not a lecture, it's a collaboration.  My goal is not to change you but to empower you to help yourself.  I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to help you manage your thoughts and feelings and enable you to act as your best self.  I will provide treatment at your pace and in a way that makes you feel safe and heard.  Therapy is a judgement-free zone because I'm not perfect either.


I understand that choosing a therapist is a difficult decision.  Being a good match to your specific needs is as important to me as it is to you.  My goal is to make the process as comfortable, safe, and simple as possible.  I provide a free telephone consultation to determine if your goals and my expertise are a good fit. 

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Individuals come to therapy for sadness, worry, difficulty adjusting to something new and/or unexpected, and relationship issues.  The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and create lasting change.  My office is a safe, empathetic, and confidential environment for us to work together.  My goal is for you to leave each session feeling like someone listened, someone believes in you, and you have the strength to move forward with purpose.  Areas of need can include but are not limited to:


  • Partner/Family Conflict

  • Transitional Events 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger Management

  • Low Self-Worth

  • Life Dissatisfaction 

Picture of Shana B. Diskant's therapy office

The Office


Making a commitment to each other can be fulfilling, but can also present challenges.  Finding new ways to communicate, listen, and compromise can help build, or rebuild, the foundation of your love.  Although you are together as a couple, you are individuals with individual needs and distinct personalities.  In couples counseling we will work on the relationship and how to make each of you gain the most from it.  With that in mind, we can address:


  • Communication

  • Premartial Counseling

  • Financial Issues

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Infidelity

  • Co-parenting 

Picture of Shana B. Diskant's therapy office


As a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, I understand how brain injury changes lives in ways no one expected.  Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, infection, or any other change to your brain, I can help provide the resources you need to return you to your best self.  We will address: 


  • Self-Awareness & Identity

  • Life Skills Training

  • Adjustment to Disability

  • Grief and Loss

  • Education About the Brain

  • Behavioral Changes

  • Coping Strategies

  • Community support


For families of the injured, I can help you cope with your own adjustment.  The individual with the brain injury is not the only one who has been affected, and you will need your own support.  We will process what the injury has changed in your family and I can educate you on what to expect during recovery.  

Parent coach, family coach

Waiting Room

 A client once told me, "If you have someone to whom you are willing to confess the foolish things you do, then count yourself among the blessed."

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